Concise Legal Documentation (CLD) Inc., is a documentation corporation based in East Palo Alto California that allows customers to process selected documents and data at a reasonable price. Founded in 2007, CLD Inc., assists individuals with the preparation and processing of their documents and data.

CLD Inc., assists clients process documents in the areas of bankruptcy, immigration, traffic, debt management and employment benefits. CLD also assists clients with non-legal documentation services such as document destruction,  office documentation management, employment documentation and grant proposal writing.

At CLD Inc., We Create, We Destroy, and We Manage Data and Documentation.

CLD ensures that clients:
@Save Money. Legal fees associated with lawyer billing is eliminated.
@Save Time. Get your legal documents in record time compared to lawyers.
@Improve Quality. Document preparers have a wealth of experience with 100% success rate.

Located 200 meters from Facebook Headquarters, CLD Inc., is situated close to the communities in East Palo Alto & Menlo Park in San Mateo County and Palo Alto & Mountain View in Santa Clara County in California.

CLD Inc., can work on your documentation wherever you are in the world! Our professional staff are committed to serving your interests while saving you money and time and maintaining quality.

For more information, please contact us.